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UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS TODAY: COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Testing Information

Dear Students,

I am writing today with a brief reminder that in order for us to ship your COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Home Test to the correct address, you need to update your address in WebSTAC by end-of-day TODAY.  Tests should arrive at the address listed in WebSTAC between January 17th and January 21st.  

To update your address, log in to WebSTAC and navigate to “Student Information,” then “Contact Information.” From there you can check and/or correct your address as follows:

  • Undergraduate students: Tests will be mailed to your “Home” address, if that address is in the U.S; otherwise it will be sent to your “Local” address.
  • Graduate students: Tests will be mailed to your “Local” address.
  • All students: If the address above (“Home” for undergraduates or “Local” for graduate students) is not the location you expect to be between January 17th and January 21st, you will need to add a “Temporary” address to tell us where to send your tests.

In the coming week, we will share more detailed information about completing the tests.  This will include information for students who have difficulty receiving one of our tests before arriving back to campus.  Pre-arrival and entry testing will not be required for students in fully online programs, or programs held off-campus.

Additional information about our spring plans can be found in the message you received last week and in the spring FAQ.  If you have additional questions, please contact

Thanks for your continued understanding with this difficult and evolving situation.  We are looking forward to being together again in person later this month!

Best wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy new year.

Be well and stay safe,

Anna “Dr. G” Gonzalez
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs