• Fully vaccinated individuals are at low risk of contracting and reduced risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • Individuals are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after they have received the second dose in a two-dose series or a single dose from a one-dose series of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization.
  • Accurate estimates of vaccination rates among Danforth Campus faculty, staff and students are not yet available. Employees can provide vaccination information by uploading it into the Occupational Health Electronic Medical Record system, Readyset. It is WUSTL key-enabled and all employees have a record. Students should upload their documentation through the student portal on the Habif Health and Wellness Center website. (See the bottom of this page for instructions for how to upload your documentation.) 
  • The vaccination rate in the St. Louis region is well below “herd immunity.”

There are members of our campus community who are immunocompromised and cannot achieve a fully protective immune response to the vaccines or who are otherwise at risk of severe COVID-19 infection.The CDC and St. Louis City and County have recently updated their guidance for masking and social distancing for those who are fully vaccinated.



  • With the exception of fully vaccinated employees on the Danforth Campus, all individuals should continue to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms using the university’s tool prior to coming to campus. 
  • All individuals who develop COVID-19 symptoms must contact the COVID Call Center at 314-362-5056. 

Physical distancing

  • Until we know more about the vaccination rate on the Danforth Campus, all individuals must continue to maintain six-foot physical distancing requirements.


  • In public indoor spaces (lobbies, open spaces, walkways, classrooms/events/meetings  with more than 30 people), you must continue to mask, regardless of vaccination status.
  • In private or semi-private environments (offices, private meeting spaces, break rooms, labs, classrooms/events/meetings with 30 or fewer people), if fully vaccinated, masking is optional.
  • If not fully vaccinated, masking is required in indoor spaces and outdoors where physical distancing of at least six feet is not possible. Exceptions for indoor spaces include inside a closed office or private room with the door closed.
  • People may choose to remain masked regardless of vaccination status for any number of reasons and masking should not be interpreted as being unvaccinated.


  • We strongly recommend utilizing large spaces or meeting outside when possible.
  • For outdoor events, masking is optional for fully vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated individuals must remain masked unless they can ensure six-foot physical distancing. 
  • For indoor events with fewer than 30 people, masking is optional for fully vaccinated individuals and required for individuals who are not fully vaccinated.
  • For indoor events with more than 30 people, masking is required, regardless of vaccination status.
  • There is not currently a cap on event/meeting size, but organizers must ensure that the event/meeting site provides sufficient space for six-foot physical distancing for all attendees.
  • People may choose to remain masked regardless of vaccination status for any number of reasons and masking should not be interpreted as being unvaccinated. 
  • With the exception of fully vaccinated employees on the Danforth Campus, all participants should screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to the event or gathering. WashU personnel should use the self-screening tool that is required for entering campus. Visitors should use the visitor screening tool. Evidence of a successfully passed screening should be given to the activity organizer on site. Active temperature monitoring is not necessary. 
  • Approval for events and meetings is not required as long as requests fall within these guidelines.
  • Questions regarding events or meetings may be sent to  
  • Failure to adhere to guidelines will likely result in changes to guidelines and process. These guidelines rely on the commitment and support of our community. 


  • Food and drink may be consumed in indoor private/semi-private environments and outdoors. Six-foot physical distancing should be maintained.
  • Food and drink may be consumed in some indoor public environments (e.g., on-campus dining facilities) where seats have been pre-positioned for appropriate physical distancing.
  • Food and drink are allowed at events/meetings as long as it is consumed in accordance with these guidelines.


  • Work related domestic travel can resume and no longer requires pre-approval by the chancellor or the provost, a dean, executive vice chancellor or vice chancellor. Schools, departments and units may have other pre-approval processes unrelated to the pandemic.  Work-related domestic travel approval will return to pre-pandemic policy.
  • Work-related international travel still requires approval and should consider conditions in the country and essentiality of the travel. Review and approval should occur following the process outlined by the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) here


  • Visitors are allowed on campus, but must complete the visitor self-screening within four hours of entering campus and must be familiar with and adhere to campus masking and distancing guidelines.

Note: These policies may be updated as disease activity changes and CDC guidelines and science advance. This includes a potential return to more restricted guidance, based on local conditions.


Faculty and staff

  • Take a picture or scan your COVID-19 proof of vaccination
    • Please save the file in one of the extension formats: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, txt, doc, docx, tif, tiff
  • Log in to your ReadySet account and go to the “My Health” tab
    • For a better experience, using Google Chrome is recommended
  • Choose “Documents” from the side navigation and then click “Upload Document”
    • Click “Select a File”’ to upload the document
    • Name the file in the “Document Name”’ field
    • Select “Document Type” and “COVID-19 Vaccination”

Note: Faculty and staff who received the COVID-19 vaccine through the university do not need to upload documentation.


Upload an image of your COVID-19 vaccination record card in your student health portal by visiting the Habif Health and Wellness Center website and clicking on the link for Log in to the student portal. Please complete this no later than July 15.