The following guidelines are in place for all WashU faculty, staff and students (including trainees). These requirements will be in effect until further notice.

Keeping Our Community Safe

The health and well-being of our faculty and staff, and that of the greater university community are the highest priorities in our response to COVID-19, and in our return-to-the-workplace strategy.

There are several requirements for all employees to return to campus.

Please visit the Human Resources Return to Campus page for important information and resources.

Alternate operations and telecommuting for employees

On March 23, the university shifted to alternate operations. On June 1 we began the first phase of our return to campus, with a limited number of employees resuming their work on campus, in addition to those who have been on campus throughout this time to perform essential work that requires a physical presence on campus. All other employees are continuing to work remotely.

If an employee working on campus is symptomatic or has been exposed to COVID-19, the employee may not come to work. This policy is in effect until further notice.

The university continues to review conditions to determine next steps and a timeline for potentially returning more employees to normal operations. 

Danforth Campus Building Access

All campus buildings are accessible only by card swipe with a valid university ID. Students, faculty and staff can swipe into most campus buildings every day from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. In addition, they can swipe into their designated building(s) at any time. These include assigned residence halls for students, and office- or school-specific buildings for faculty and staff. Limits on building capacity for some campus buildings are in effect. One-way entrances and exits have been designated in a few locations to avoid congestion. Access to buildings or labs for students, faculty and staff may be requested by a department representative or advisor by contacting Card Access.

Resources for Employees

New Employees

At this time, we are requiring the following:

  • Before your start date, HR will send you a Washington University health services* form. You will be asked to complete and gather immunization records and return these to Washington University health services*.
  • Washington University health services* will confirm with management that the new employee is cleared to start.
  • HR will schedule you for a Washington University health services* appointment.
  • Your I-9 will continue to be initiated electronically (supporting documents must still be viewed in-person by currently authorized individuals).
  • Background checks will continue to be done online and the current drug screen process will be followed.
  • New employee orientation will be held on the regular schedule in accordance with university event parameters (reducing onsite participants in combination with Zoom).

* Employees located on the Danforth Campus: Habif Health and Wellness Center. Employees located at the School of Medicine: Occupational Health.