Online Instruction

Our planning is focused on returning to in-person instruction at the start of the new academic year. At the same time, we know the fall semester will not be business as usual. We will continue to conduct most courses – particularly those traditionally held in large lecture halls – online, or through a hybrid model with some students in the classroom and others participating remotely. We still need to work through numerous details, and plans may change along the way depending on how the situation develops, but our ultimate goal is to bring students and faculty back into the classroom as much as possible. For students who would prefer to continue to take classes online, we will offer remote options for most courses.

Who can students call for technical support?
Students should go to Strategies for Learning Remotely on the Teaching & Learning Continuity website for information about the shift to online learning. Also see Frequently Asked Questions on that site.

Where can instructors go for information about online teaching?
Instructors at all levels (including faculty, lecturers, assistants in instruction, and teaching assistants) should go to Teaching & Learning Continuity for information about online teaching. Also see Frequently Asked Questions on that site.

What if I don’t have internet at home or my internet is too slow?
We know that some of our students have limited access to high-quality, high-speed internet services at home.

Contact Student Technology Services for any technical assistance by emailing or by calling 314-933-3333.