Employee Information

Working Remotely

Can an employee work from home if they are quarantined? 
Employees who are self-quarantined or quarantined should contact their manager to discuss the option of telecommuting.

What are the expectations of employees when they telecommute?
If approved, employees will be asked to follow the university’s telecommuting policy and be paid regular pay for any hours worked. If you are a bi-weekly employee, overtime may apply for hours worked over 40 hours in a work week, and you should seek prior approval from your supervisor before doing so.

Telecommuting must be approved in advance by your departmental management and may end at any time. Management may define what is considered to be essential services to be performed on campus.

Please note that:

  • When you telecommute, all normal workplace policies apply.
  • Your work schedule is the same, unless you have agreed to a different schedule with your manager.
  • Computer use and data security policies and practices must be followed.

Workforce Reduction

Are there any reductions to the university workforce?
Regrettably, yes, there is a workforce reduction policy that includes reduced schedules, furloughs and layoffs. See more information in the April 20 message to faculty and staff. Please know that we will offer support to everyone affected by these policies to help them navigate the process of applying for assistance. We will do all that we can to bring back furloughed employees as quickly and fully as possible, and to keep the number of people affected by these changes to an absolute minimum.


Are the libraries open?
Access to the physical spaces of the libraries remains closed. However, library staff has begun retrieving physical collection materials on a limited basis for users to pick up, in addition to the broad range of remote resources that will continue to be available. For more information, visit the Libraries website.

Support Resources

What counseling and support resources are available?
We understand some community members may feel anxious about this evolving public health situation or have concerns about friends and family living in areas currently experiencing the outbreak. Here are some available resources:

Are there IT resources available for telecommuting employees?
Visit Information Technology’s Telecommuting During COVID-19 page for useful tips and resources.