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MO/Notify is a service that lets you know if you’ve been in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, even if you don’t know them.

Is that allergies, a seasonal cold or COVID-19? Knowing you’ve been exposed could keep you from harming yourself or others by dismissing your symptoms.

Users who test positive for Covid-19 should obtain a pin code in order to trigger notifications to other users. This process must be initiated on the same device on which you run MO/Notify.

If you are currently viewing this page on the device where you run MO/Notify, you may click the button below to obtain a code to enter a positive test result.

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Voluntary and private

Privacy-protecting Bluetooth technology doesn’t track your location or reveal your identity. Only anonymous data is exchanged.

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Leading in campus safety

WashU was the first in the state to implement the Google Apple Exposure Notification API, a powerful tool in the arsenal for keeping students, faculty and staff members safe.

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Leading in science

WashUMed data scientists piloted and implemented MO/Notify, which is now available statewide, and has the potential to adapt to future epidemics.