Undergraduate students in the St. Louis area are required to participate in the university’s surveillance testing program: one-time entry testing (August 30 – September 18) and ongoing surveillance testing (starting September 28).

Only those students who meet one of the criteria below will be exempt from the mandatory surveillance testing program. If a student has a physical disability that prevents them from completing the university’s surveillance test, they should work with Disability Resources and the Surveillance Testing site manager to receive accommodations.

Previously tested positive for COVID-19 through a universityadministered virus test in the prior 90 daysStudent not required to provide documentationStudent will be removed from list of students to be tested during the fall semester
Previously tested positive for COVID through a non-university-administered virus test in the prior 90 daysStudent required to provide documentation of positive test result to Habif. Antibody tests are not considered virus tests and are not accepted.If acceptable documentation is provided, student will be removed from list of students to be tested during the fall semester
Living in St. Louis area but will not be coming to campusStudent must submit an exemption request to covidquestions@wustl.eduStudents approved for this exemption will have their swipe access to buildings on the Danforth Campus turned off, and will be notified that if they come to campus they will be referred to the Office of Conduct and Community Standards, where they may be subject to a range of consequences, including a loss of privileges to be present on campus up to suspension or expulsion from the university