Washington University Danforth Campus (including North, West, South and Tyson Campuses) COVID-19 Policy effective from March 3, 2022 until further notice

  • Masking is strongly recommended for all Danforth Campus spaces. There is no limit on gathering sizes.
  • WashU is a community that cares for each other. Please keep the following in mind:
    • Don’t question someone or make assumptions about them because of their choice to wear or not wear a mask. Some may choose to wear a mask, say no to a social engagement, or otherwise exercise more caution than others.
    • If a classmate or colleague asks you to wear a mask, please consider doing so to be supportive, even if the rules don’t require it. Keep in mind they may be at a higher risk, caring for others at a higher risk, or feeling less comfortable in a mask-optional environment.

General masking guidance

Visit the CDC website to learn more about Use and Care of Masks.