Who is currently eligible to get the vaccine?
The state of Missouri continues to work through its COVID-19 Vaccination Plan and is  beginning implementation of Phase 1B, which includes emergency responders in Tier 1 and people ages 65 and older in Tier 2. You can learn more about the state’s priority phases here: https://covidvaccine.mo.gov/priority/

Who at the university has already received the vaccine?
As part of Phase 1A of the state plan, personnel at the School of Medicine and essential healthcare workers on the Danforth Campus began receiving the vaccine in December. Others in the university community who may have received the vaccine likely were able to do so because they qualified as individuals according to the state criteria for Phase 1B, which includes first responders, emergency services workers and high-risk individuals. 

Who decides who gets the vaccine?
The state is responsible for the overall plan for administering the vaccine and determining who gets the vaccine when. BJC HealthCare is a state-designated supplier and is working closely with the state to prioritize distribution within tiers and to operationalize the parts of the plan they have been delegated. Since BJC is our hospital system partner, we are standing by to offer any assistance that may be needed from the university.

How do I sign up to get the vaccine?
You can pre-register to receive the vaccine on the BJC website (https://www.bjc.org/Coronavirus/Covid-19-Vaccines). We also encourage you to pre-register through your local municipalities and the other health systems, if you have the opportunity to do so. 

How will I know when I’m eligible to receive the vaccine?
If you pre-register for the vaccine following the instructions above, you will be notified when you become eligible and vaccine is available. 

Will the university be administering the vaccine to faculty, staff and students?
At this time, people working in higher education are not a specific group that is eligible to receive the vaccine under the current guidance. Danforth Campus faculty, staff and students who may meet other criteria for receiving the vaccine (see information about priority groups on the websites for Missouri and Illinois) are encouraged to pre-register as instructed above to be notified when you become eligible to make an appointment. We remain in close contact with the state, BJC and our regional health departments and will communicate directly with the university community if this changes.

Where can I get more information about the vaccine?