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Danforth Campus Digest (August 24, 2020)

This week: ‘Ask the Doctors’ town hall

What type of face mask is most effective? Will classrooms and other campus environments be safe for faculty and students this fall? What is the latest guidance for staying healthy? Get answers to these questions and more at a special “Ask the Doctors” town hall for the Danforth Campus community.

Wednesday, August 26
6-6:30 p.m.
Zoom URL


  • Steve Lawrence, MD, MSc, FIDSA
    Assistant dean for curriculum and clinical sciences, Office of Medical Student Education
    Associate professor of medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
  • Cheri LeBlanc, MD
    Executive director, Habif Health and Wellness Center
    Assistant professor, Department of Medicine

Questions may be submitted in advance by sending an email to

COVID-19-related policy changes

New, expanded policies address employee needs related to COVID-19 impact.

Human Resources has introduced and expanded policies in order to assist our employee workforce through the impact of the pandemic. View the HR website for information on the new Flexible Work Arrangement Policy, ADA Accommodation Process/COVID-19 Related Work Modification for Faculty and Staff and update to the Communicable Diseases policy related to pay.

Events and meetings protocol

A reminder: In-person events and meetings, whether indoor or outdoor and regardless of size, should only be held when the purpose of the event or meeting cannot be achieved virtually. Guidelines have been established for both student and faculty/staff events and meetings. For both groups:

  • Any event/meeting with expected attendance greater than 25 must be conducted virtually.
  • Outdoor events/meetings with attendance up to 25 people require approval.
  • Indoor events/meetings will be limited to a capacity of 10 or less, and require approval.

For all indoor and outdoor events/meetings, the university hosts must also track attendance (name and contact information), confirm compliance with screening, and retain these records until further notice for contact tracing purposes. University hosts will be expected to adhere to all facility protocols as well. And as always, all attendees must follow the university’s public health and safety measures and protocols. See the meetings and protocols page for more specific information and where to go to for meeting/event approvals.

Visual reminders

Yondell Bass, of Facilities Planning and Management, installs one of many “Because” campaign signs on the South 40, one of the many reminders that will be visible around the Danforth Campus. To see this and other examples on how the campus has rolled with the challenges of COVID-19, visit the Record’s pictorial feature, “The View From Here.”


Learn about the university’s response to COVID-19

The latest research and news stories related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the WashU community are available on The Source.

Please visit the WashU Together website for the latest updates.