Moderate Alert (Yellow)

Open with many protective measures still actively in place

The university alert level is currently yellow. The change from orange is an indicator that current regional and campus conditions are stable and reassuring. The alert level is subject to change as we continue to monitor conditions. Despite this change to our alert level, we are not relaxing public health requirements for being on campus. COVID-19 is still a very real and dynamic threat and we must remain focused and keep following the public health principles. Thank you for your efforts to keep our community safe and healthy.

This dashboard shows results for ongoing COVID-19 surveillance testing of all Danforth Campus undergraduate students, as well as entry testing of all Danforth Campus students at the start of the fall semester and results (diagnostic, entry and surveillance combined) for students, faculty and staff beginning August 1, 2020. The active and total cases reflect information from multiple sources including university testing, Department of Health reports, and self-reporting of results from outside testing agencies.

Data will be updated every Monday and Thursday.

Surveillance testing (ongoing)

In addition to ongoing surveillance testing of undergraduate students, who are being tested every two weeks, we also will provide testing for all Washington University students, faculty and staff who develop COVID-19-related symptoms at any time during the semester. Learn more on our COVID-19 Testing Information page.