This dashboard shows results for COVID-19 entry testing for all Danforth Campus students at the start of the fall semester starting August 31, 2020; and testing results (diagnostic, entry and surveillance combined) for students, faculty and staff beginning August 1, 2020. The cumulative totals reflect information from multiple sources including university testing, Department of Health reports, and self-reporting.

Data will be updated every Monday and Thursday.

During the entry phase of student testing, we will provide the number of tests administered, the number of positive cases, and the resulting total percent positivity.

After the entry phase is complete on September 25, we will begin surveillance testing, with all undergraduate students being tested every two weeks for the duration of the fall semester. In addition, we will provide testing for all Washington University students, faculty and staff who develop COVID-19-related symptoms at any time during the semester. These results will be reflected in a separate, interactive dashboard that will be added to this page when this phase begins. 

Learn more about our plans for entry and surveillance testing on our COVID-19 Testing Information page.