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COVID-19: Danforth Campus Digest (July 16, 2020)

Reporting and response to COVID-positive cases or exposure

While it is our greatest hope that all students, faculty and staff will remain safe and healthy, given the high transmission rate of COVID-19 locally and nationally, we will have cases reported within our community. If you learn that you or someone you know at the university has tested positive, is presumed positive or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, there are protocols you must follow.

On the Danforth Campus, if you are ill or think you have been exposed, but have not tested positive or been told by your health care provider that you are presumed positive, please contact the Occupational Health COVID Hotline immediately at 314-362-5056 and follow their instructions.

If you have a positive test from an outside entity or if you are the supervisor of a person who has tested positive or has been told they are presumed positive for COVID-19, that person should take these steps as soon as possible:

Once notified of a positive case, Occupational Health or Habif will:

  • Communicate with the appropriate local health department and initiate any required contact tracing as directed by the health department.
  • Notify individuals in the university community identified as a close contact of the individual and advise them of next steps, including any required preventive measures such as testing or quarantine.
  • Contact the person’s supervisor or dean to advise on any necessary follow-up within the school or department.
  • Advise and coordinate enhanced cleaning and disinfection of affected areas, if necessary.

IMPORTANT: If you become aware of an individual who has tested positive, is presumed positive or has been exposed to COVID-19, please respect the privacy of your fellow colleagues and peers and do not share another person’s confidential health information with others. As a reminder, the university has obligations under HIPAA, FERPA, ADA and other federal and state laws, and depending upon the circumstances such disclosures may constitute a violation of these laws and university policy.

Masks are required on the Danforth Campus

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, and to protect the health of all our faculty, staff, students, and other community members, Washington University is requiring universal masking. The main purpose of the mask is to prevent the wearer from expelling small virus-containing droplets of saliva or mucus into the air and infecting others. Wearing a mask reduces the likelihood that you could spread the virus to people around you. This is especially important to reduce the spread from infected people who may be asymptomatic. It also provides some protection for the wearer.

All WashU personnel and visitors are required to wear a face covering while on campus as described in our policy.

See Danforth Campus mask requirements on the WashU Together website.

Other health and safety requirements

In addition to wearing masks or face coverings, there are a number of other actions everyone on the Danforth Campus must do to help keep our community safe.

Physical distancing

  • Maintain at least six feet of separation from other people.
  • Avoid or minimize in-person meetings.

Practice good hygiene

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after you have been in a public place or after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
  • Alcohol-based disinfectant can be used if soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your face.

See all health and safety requirements on the WashU Together website.

Family care for employees

Washington University provides support and resources to help you balance work and family life. As an employee, you have access to child care and elder care benefits, as well as an array of family tips, tools and WashU expert-led courses and articles aimed at helping you take care of your family. More information is available here.

Work of Art Wellness Challenge focuses on emotional well-being

Work of Art is an emotional fitness employee wellness challenge designed to help you learn skills that boost happiness and foster resilience. Living an emotionally healthy life is an art, but the activities and habits that lead to long-term success are grounded in science: enhancing mindfulness, sharing gratitude, increasing optimism, and strengthening connections.

Registration is now open.

The Good Earth

In case you missed this story in The Source, here’s how our Danforth Campus Faculty Fellows and their families are getting their hands dirty to help the Burning Kumquat community garden while the students are away. Here, faculty fellow Trevor Sangrey and son, Delaney, look through a collection of seeds. (Photo: Anika Walke)

Learn about the university’s response to COVID-19

The latest research and news stories related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the WashU community are available on The Source. You can also share your own photo, video or personal story.

We appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation as we manage this unprecedented situation. Please continue to visit the university’s COVID-19 website for the latest information.